Acre & Vine Red Blend- Wine Tasting 4

Name: Acre & Vine

Variety: Red Blend

Region: Walla Walla, Washington

Country: United States

Vintage Year: 2016

Price: $14

Winery Review: Very smooth red blend. Easy to drink with main cherry notes and underlying woodsy taste, but not over the top. Good for a mellow meal, but would not stand up to a robust dinner. Needs time to breathe, about 1 hour, to develop all flavor. 

Wine Folly: "A red blend that's primarily Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot along with several other grape varieties that originated in Bordeaux, France. The tannins in this blend make it an excellent choice to match with steak and other red meat dishes. Keep seasoning simple-- think salt and pepper" (pg. 83)

My Review: This dark purple wine had a bold grape scent and an interesting flavor combination. Upon the first touch of the tongue, this blend was very sweet. However, you quickly began to taste the bitter cheery and blackberry and its undertones of expresso. While it was easy on the throat, I was let down by the lack of long-lasting flavor. I felt that the flavors were as quick to appear as they were to disappear. Further, I was unamused by the expresso undertones as, I do not enjoy coffee. It was semi-dry and the tannins weren't overwhelming but, I was left wanting something more. Overall, I give Acre & Vine's Red Blend a 4/10. 

I tasted this on its own with no food.


Morgan Salvato


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