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Turley Estate- Zinfandel

Name: Turley Estate Variety: Zinfandel Region: Napa Valley// St. Helena Country: United States Vintage Year: 2019 Price: $60 (purchased for a special occasion)   Winery Review: "Fragrant and savory, with notes of garrigue, dark chocolate, salted plum, meat marinade, and Proven├žal herbs. The texture on the palate evokes Cabernet or even Petite Syrah in structure and timbre, further demonstrating the multifaceted appeal of this sonorous wine. The Turley Estate has Volcanic and Alluvial soil. Their last planting was in 2011. Wines are aged in barrels (80% used oak, 20% new) for 15 months." Wine Folly: The hearty, bold flavors in Zinfandel make it a natural companion for the rich and flavorful world of BBQ. If you want to pair it with cheese, reach for sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, or grilled halloumi. The flavors in Zinfandel range depending on how ripe the grapes are. Typically, on the nose you’ll find juicy red berry flavors such as strawberry or raspberry in wines from cooler

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