Bay Bridge Vineyards Merlot- Wine Tasting 3

Name: Bay Bridge Vineyards

Variety: Merlot

Region: Livermore & Ripon, California

Country: United States

Vintage Year: None listed

Price: $4

Winery Review: This Merlot from Bay Bridge Vineyards is the perfect wine to select if you are unaccustomed to Merlot and you are looking for an everyday wine to sip with any meal. At first glance, this wine has a beautiful, deep red color, and the scent is dry, but not bitter or sharp. It has good legs that let you know that you are in for quite a treat. If you are a fan of Pinot Noir you will enjoy this wine, as they are quite similar in body and taste. This wine can easily be enjoyed with a quick pasta dish, a nice steak, or even reheated leftovers; it is versatile and easy to drink. When I purchased it at my local Fred Meyer, it was $3.99 a bottle, so it certainly won’t break the bank. 

Wine Folly: "Merlot is loved for it's boisterous black cherry flavors, supple tannins, and smoky or chocolaty finish. It's often found in a Bordeaux blend with Cabernet Franc. Merlot tastes great alongside roasted foods like pork shoulder, roasted mushrooms, or braised short ribs. Try complementing the fruit notes with chimichurri sauce" (pg. 131)

My Review: While it doesn't give off a strong scent, this ruby red wine packed a surprising punch of flavor for such a cheap bottle! In comparison to other reds I've had, this merlot was much sweeter. I could taste hints of raspberry and bright cherries which carried through the palate from start to finish. The tannins were soft yet present and combined nicely with the fruit flavors to create a sturdy medium bodied wine. While I enjoyed my glass, I think I'd opt to use this bottle in my cooking rather than as a serving wine. Overall, I give Bay Bridge Vineyards' Merlot an 7/10.

I tasted this on its own with no food.


Morgan Salvato


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