Get to Know Me!

    Welcome to my wine blog! I started this blog for my Geography of Wine class but, I hope to look back on my posts to grow in my wine journey. This class is definitely outside of what I am used to both academically and personally. Currently, I am a senior studying political science and Judaic studies. Despite my 22nd birthday coming up soon, I have had minimal experience with wine. I have always considered myself more of a beer person and tend to shy away from wine due to its price and unfamiliarity. I took this class to push myself out of my comfort zone and try wines in a fun and relaxed manner!

    I have had a few experiences with wine, including taste testing at a winery in Israel and trying sips from my friends and family's glasses. In Israel, we tried (I think) 5 different wines. My favorite was a pomegranate dessert wine but, I could only have a few sips since it was soo sweet. I don't know if I prefer red or white wines but, I know that I am not the biggest fan of rosé. 

    I hope to learn more about the wine-making process and the small things I can do to improve my tasting experience. I know that each wine has certain undertones but, I don't know how those are produced and what difference they make to the wine individually and in combination with others. Ultimately, I want to find out which wines I enjoy so I can branch out! Thank you for joining me on this journey! 

-Morgan Salvato

Here is a photo of me for reference: 


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