The Recipient Pinot Grigio- Wine Tasting 1

Name: The Recipient

Variety: Pinot Grigio

Region: Friuli Grave

Country: Italy

Vintage Year: 2020

Price: $13

Winery Review: Citrus, melon notes on the nose. Medium body with a slick, oily mouthfeel. Lemon and honeydew upfront. Bright, mineral finish. Hints of salt and lemon zest.

Wine Folly: "Pinot Gris is a pink grape mutation of Pinot Noir that's most famous for its zesty white wines that range in style from dry to just plain sweet. Pinot Gris makes an excellent pairing with white meats, seafood, and food with a fruit element, such as lemons, oranges, peaches, or apricots" (pg. 149)

My Review: This wine has a very stark and sharp smell paired with a light grape scent and appears very clear. There are solid apple and pear notes at the beginning, and
it leaves a cleansing taste in your throat after swallowing. After a few sips, the pear flavors were shining through. This wine wasn't as sweet as I assumed it to be, which was a pleasant surprise. This wine is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser and very drinkable with a good balance of flavors. Overall, I give The Recipient's Pinot Grigio an 8/10. 

I tasted this on its own with no food.


Morgan Salvato


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