Cinti Torraiolo Sangiovese- Wine Tasting 14

Name: Cinti Torraiolo

Variety: Sangiovese

Region: Toscana

Country: Italy

Vintage Year: 2018

Price: $11

Winery Review: "Lots of black fruits on the nose when first opened, but after an hour the aroma is practically gone. Still tastes of plum, as well as some spice & some darkness in the finish. Had with chicken cacciatore, and it went very well. Some brightness for the tomatoes, some darkness for the mushrooms. Had it alongside a montepulciano d’abbruzzo. Both went equally well, but at $10, this is the price adjusted pairing winner! Braised pork: Much better than the viognier. Steak=yes! Pairing winner over a Zinfandel." 

Wine Folly: "Sangiovese is Italy's most planted grape and the key variety in Tuscany's renowned Chianti. It's sensitive, tasting quite different depending on where it grows. The high acidity allows Sangiovese to match well with all manner of well-spiced foods. It's one of the few wines that will not get lost when paired with tomato sauce." (pg. 162)

My Review: This purple burgundy Sangiovese packed a plummy smell combined with dark grapes and soft cherries. It was acidic with distinct tastes of cherries and raspberries. I could also taste small oaky and natural flavors with very low tannin levels. Its black pepper finish was really pleasant. I've noticed I tend to really like the bolder wines with hints of pepper and spice! I had one glass straight from the bottle and then let my second glass decant for about an hour. After decanting, the flavors were much better yet, it lost most of its smell. Overall, I give Cinti Torraiolo's Sangiovese a 7.5/10. 

I had this on its own with no food. 




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