Proverb Merlot- Wine Tasting 11

Name: Proverb

Variety: Merlot

Region: Modesto, California 

Country: United States

Vintage Year: 2020

Price: $11

Winery Review: "It is almost black in color. And is an enticing wine with notes of plum and dark cherry woven with hints of vanilla and spice. This vintage delivered grapes with remarkable fruit character and a deep garnet color for a balanced, intense tasting red wine."

Wine Folly: "Merlot is loved for it's boisterous black cherry flavors, supple tannins, and smoky or chocolaty finish. It's often found in a Bordeaux blend with Cabernet Franc. Merlot tastes great alongside roasted foods like pork shoulder, roasted mushrooms, or braised short ribs. Try complementing the fruit notes with chimichurri sauce" (pg. 131)

My Review: This beautiful dark garnet burgundy wine was a pleasure to share with my parents (pictured below). It smelt like dark cherry and subtle tannins. When sipped, however, I was surprised by the lack of tannins. The dark cherry and blackberry taste came through powerfully and then waned off throughout the sip. I enjoyed the hit and spiciness of black pepper that this wine carried! After swallowing, quiet vanilla and bark flavors are perceived faintly. This is a super easy drinking wine that is sure to be a safe dinner gift. Overall, I give Proverb's Merlot a 8/10. 

I drank this wine accompanied by a pasta with a non-spicy red sauce dish. 



(This is my family!)


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