Veritas Claret- Wine Tasting 12

Name: Veritas Claret

Variety: Petit Verdot (49%), Merlot (20%), Cabernet Franc (15%), Malbec (10%), and Tannat (6%) 

Region: Afton, Virginia

Country: United States

Vintage Year: 2019

Price: $30

Winery Review: "A mild and discreet but full and fruity bouquet, this red delivers on the palate with smooth, silky dark fruits. Without being too much oak or leather flavors, this wine, delivers full body and the fruits it promised. Cheers!"

Wine Folly: "Petit Verdot. Considered a minor blending grape in Bordeaux, Petit Verdot has shown promise as a single-varietal wine in warmer climates, where it makes smooth full-bodied reds. A bold, tannic wine with a shorter finish like Petit Verdot will do well with roasted meats that have a pungent note, such as Cuban-style pork or even burgers with blue cheese." (pg. 146)

My Review: This wine boasted tons of flavors and genuinely surprised me! At the nose, you can smell plum and bing cherry with hints of oak and blueberry. Medium to heavy tannins were noticeable immediately upon sipping but was smooth on the throat. The tastes of leather (like a horse saddle) hits you right away accompanied by bold oak, blackberries, and cherries. After swallowing, you can taste some pollen-y flavors that make you feel like you're in the flower garden.  This was the most complex and flavorful wines I have every tried but, I was left with mixed thoughts on how to score it. It is a tougher wine to drink due to its intricacies but, I still really enjoyed mulling over my glass. My parents on the other hand, really disliked this wine due to its tannins and leathery tastes. Overall, I give Veritas' Claret a 6/10. 

I drank this wine accompanied by a pasta with a non-spicy red sauce dish. 



(Featuring my family again!)


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