Marques de Caceres Crianza- Wine Tasting 15

Name: Marques de Caceres

Variety: Tempranillo

Region: Rioja

Country: Spain

Vintage Year: 2019

Price: $12

Winery Review: "This is a dry red wine made from a blend of grape varieties 85% Tempranillo, 15% Grenache and Graciano, aged in small oak for 12 months and then a further 14 months in bottle before release. Bold strawberry and red plum fruit with prominent spicy oak." - user on vivino

Wine Folly: Tempranillo is Spain's number one red wine grape and Rioja is the region most famous for the grape. Tempranillo's primary flavors are cherry, dried fig, cedar, tobacco, and dill. Bolder, aged Tempranillo wines pair nicely with steak, gourmet burgers and rack of lamb. Fresher styles match well with baked pasta and other tomato-based dishes. 

My Review: This wine had a darker strawberry-red color with a light berry smell. However, I noticed that the wine smelled slightly acidic. In my opinion, this wine tastes a little empty. It gave a soft warmness to my throat that lingers after swallowing. The wine was not sweet nor was it overly dry which made for a pleasant drinking experience. My only negative about this wine was that it was overly acidic and I could not taste the oak that the wine was aged in. I am not traditionally a fan of acidic wines but, if you are, you would likely enjoy this. After an hour of decanting, the wine was a little more complex and more enjoyable. I was hoping for a bolder flavor profile and was ultimately a little letdown by the wine. If you do purchase this wine, I would highly recommend decanting it for at least an hour before drinking. 

If you are someone who likes an acidic wine, you’d enjoy this wine. Personally, it wouldn’t be the first wine I reached for, but if I was served it at a dinner party, I wouldn’t be mad. Overall, I give Marques de Caceres' Crianza a 4/10.

I had this on its own with no food.




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